KirchgasserPhotography ChristianBau SergioHerman NickBril TheJaneAntwerp Foodfotografie 09 2400px

Christian Bau &
Sergio Herman &
Nick Bril

November 2016

KirchgasserPhotography ChristianBau SergioHerman NickBril TheJaneAntwerp Foodfotografie 09 2400px


What's happening behind the curtains is best seen through the eyes of a camera. The small bit of distance this creates immediately brings you closer to what's happening and enables you to be part of something truly special.

KirchgasserPhotography DreiHaubenkoch HubertWallner HaraldIrka Foodreportagefotografie 03 2400px

Hubert Wallner &
Harald Irka

Guest chef dinner at Saag Ja
January 2016

KirchgasserPhotography ThomasDorfer AndreasCaminada Foodreportage Foodfotografie 09 2400px

Thomas Dorfer &
Andreas Caminada

Wachau gourmet festival
April 2017

KirchgasserPhotography HotelSeefels Sternekîchin LanshuChen Foodreportagefotografie 01 2400px

Lanshu Chen

Guest chef dinner at Hotel Schloss Seefels
April 2017

KirchgasserPhotography VillaLouise Sternekoch GertDeMangeleer Foodreportage 01 2400px

Villa Louise

Michelin-starred chefs in Aachen
2017 - 2018

KirchgasserPhotography Sternekoch ChristianBau HansNeuner Foodreportage 08 2400px

Christian Bau &
Hans Neuner

November 2017

KirchgasserPhotography DreiHaubenkoch AndreasDoellerer Foodreportagefotografie 02 2400px

JRE culinary match

Austria vs. Istria
November 2015

KirchgasserPhotography DreiSternekoch ChristianBau PeterKnogl FoodfotografieSternekoch 03 2400px

Christian Bau &
Peter Knogl

September 2016

KirchgasserPhotography AnaRos HubertWallner Reportagefotografie 2400px 133

Hubert Wallner &
Ana Roš

Guest chef dinner at Saag Ja
December 2017

KirchgasserPhotography WhiteNightsGourmetevent Foodfotografie 04 2400px

White Nights

Seerestaurant Saag Ja
July 2017

KirchgasserPhotography DreiSternekoch ChristianBau HaraldWohlfahrt Foodreportagefotografie 02b 2400px

Christian Bau &
Harald Wohlfahrt

December 2016

KirchgasserPhotography VierHaubenkoch SimonTaxacher ChristianBau Foodreportagefotografie 01 2400px

Simon Taxacher &
Christian Bau

Guest chef dinner at Hotel Rosengarten
January 2016

KirchgasserPhotography SofitelVienna DasLoft Sternekoch TimRaue Foodreportagefotografie 06 2400px

Fabian Günzel &
Tim Raue

Hotel Sofitel Vienna
May 2016

KirchgasserPhotography ChristianBau AlexandreCouillon Reportagefotografie 2400px 46

Christian Bau &
Alexandre Couillon

November 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Brix01 Heinz Winkler Reportagefotografie 2400px 06

Heinz Winkler

Guest chef dinner at brix 0.1
September 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Kochcampus Reportagefotografie 2400px 04


ARCHE NOAH, show garden
June 2016

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