KirchgasserPhotography VillaLouise Sternekoeche Portraitfotografie 01 2400px

Villa Louise

Portraits of top chefs
2017 - 2018

KirchgasserPhotography VillaLouise Sternekoeche Portraitfotografie 01 2400px


Portraits are about triggering more than just camera shutters. They are about triggering emotions, telling stories, and about uncovering the true self. And sometimes, they are also simply a matter of looking fabulous.

KirchgasserPhotography AtelierMuenchen JanHartwig Portraitfotografie 02 2400px

Hotel Bayerischer Hof

Team portraits
October 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Sternekoch Portraitfotografie 01 2400px

Christian Bau

Portrait shooting
April 2016

KirchgasserPhotography Peoplefotografie Portraitfotografie 02 2400px

Men portraits

Portrait photography
June 2016

NEU STARTSEITE KirchgasserPhotography SaagJa Mitarbeiterfotos 2400px

Saag Ja

Staff portraits
May 2015

PeoplePhotography Portrait Foodshooting KirchgasserPhotography 3

Christian Bau & Jan Hartwig

Mug shots
May 2018

Portraitfotografie Portraits Foodshooting KirchgasserPhotography 8

Huber's Boutique Hotel

July 2018

KirchgasserPhotography Sternekoeche Portraitphotography 01 2400px

Christian Bau &
Sergio Herman &
Nick Bril

Chefs portrayed
November 2016

KirchgasserPhotography ThomasDorfer AndreasCaminada Foodreportage Foodfotografie 01 2400px

Andreas Caminada &
Thomas Dorfer

April 2017

KirchgasserPhotography ChristianBau HansNeuner Portraitfotografie 01 2400px

Christian Bau &
Hans Neuner

Portraits of Michelin-starred chefs
November 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Werbeagentur Hamburg Peoplefotografie 01 2400px

agents group

Business portraits
September 2016

KirchgasserPhotography SchlossElmau Peoplefotografie 01 2400px

Hotel Schloss Elmau

Portraits of the kitchen team
October 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Unternehmerportraits Portraitfotografie 02 2400px

Beef & Glory

Business portraits
November 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Kochwerkstatt Peoplefotografie 01 2400px


Team portraits
June 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Sternekoch Peoplefotografie 01 2400px

Maerz & Maerz

Portrait photography
May 2017

KirchgasserPhotography SchokovidaHamburg Portraitfotografie 02 2400px


People photography
September 2016

KirchgasserPhotography Portrait TimRaue Peoplefotografie 02 2400px

Fabian Günzel &
Tim Raue

May 2016

KirchgasserPhotography Koechin Kochportrait Peoplefotografie 01 2400px

Christina Steindl

October 2017

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