KirchgasserPhotography KarlLagerfeld StilllifePhotographer Werbefotografie 01 2400px

Karl Lagerfeld

Bag photography
June 2017

KirchgasserPhotography KarlLagerfeld StilllifePhotographer Werbefotografie 01 2400px


What would you do if you could stop the hands of time for a moment?
Our answer is easy: we'd take a photo. However, what you don't see in photos, are the long hours and all the love invested beforehand in order to create that one moving moment - where in most cases everything stands still.

Stilllifephotography advertisingphotography KirchgasserPhotography 1

Imperial Cake

Product photography

001KirchgasserPhotography Produktfotografie Stilllifefotografie Werbefotografie Advertisingphotography Bailoni


Advertising photography
May 2019

KirchgasserPhotography Cosmetics Imagefoto Werbefotografie 01 2400px

Wiener Helden

Product shots of beard grooming products
June 2017

NEU STARTSEITE KirchgasserPhotography Cocktailfotografie Werbefotografie 01 2400px


Cocktail photography
September 2015

NEU STARTSEITE KirchgasserPhotography LOr Stilllife Produktfotografie 04 2400px


Advertising photography for coffee brand
September 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Goldkehlchen Imageshot Werbefotografie 01 2400px


Bottle photography for premium cider
May 2015

NEU KirchgasserPhotography Stilllifefotografie Produktfotograf 01 2400px

Yves Saint Laurent

Still life photography
January 2018

NEU STARTSEITE KirchgasserPhotography Kosmetik Stills Werbefotografie 08 2400px

Master Lin

Luxury natural cosmetics
October 2015

KirchgasserPhotography Imageshot Stilllife Werbefotografie 03 2400px

G.Premium Gin

Advertising photography
August 2016

KirchgasserPhotography Flaschenfotografie Produktfotografie 01 2400px

Winery Gmeinböck

Bottle photography
June 2016

KirchgasserPhotography Drinkphotography Cocktails Werbefotografie 01 2400px


Cocktail photography
November 2017

Stilllifephotography bottlephotography KirchgasserPhotography 1

Emperor and King

Product photography
April 2018

KirchgasserPhotography Werbefotografie Stilllifephotography 2400px 03


Photography for cosmetics
March 2018

KirchgasserPhotography Flaschenfotografie Splash Werbefotografie 01 2400px


Advertising photography
September 2016

KirchgasserPhotography Kosmetik Stills Werbefotografie 02 2400px


Photography for cosmetics
February 2015

KirchgasserPhotography BurdaConcept Schmuckfotografie Produktfotografie 03 2400px


Still life photography
January 2015

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