KirchgasserPhotography HotelBayerischerHof JanHartwig Foodfotografie 07 2400px

Jan Hartwig

Atelier, Hotel Bayerischer Hof
October 2017

KirchgasserPhotography HotelBayerischerHof JanHartwig Foodfotografie 07 2400px


Even after a hundred courses, you can't get your fill of a perfectly staged dish. And the good thing about it is, after countless culinary photo shoots, we know exactly how to appeal to all of the senses at the same time - with just a single shot.

Foodphotography KirchgasserPhotography Kochbuch ChristianBau Sternekoch012

Christian Bau

Cookbook "BAU.STEINE"
October 2018

KirchgasserPhotography HotelSchlossElmau Foodfotografie 01 2400px

Schloss Elmau

Luce d'Oro, Christoph Rainer
October 2017

KirchgasserPhotography HaubenkochHubertWallner Foodfotografie 01 2400px

Seerestaurant Saag Ja

Hubert Wallner
June 2017

KIRCHGASSER PHOTOGRAPHY Thermomix Kochbuch Foodfotografie 01


Bread cookbook
April 2018

KirchgasserPhotography DreiHaubenkoch HubertWallner Foodfotografie 01 2400px

Hubert Wallner

Seerestaurant Saag Ja
April 2015

KirchgasserPhotography Hotel Imperial OpusWien Foodfotografie 02 2400px

Hotel Imperial Vienna

Gourmet restaurant OPUS
May 2016

KirchgasserPhotography Sternekoch BenjaminMaerz Foodfotografie 06 2400px

Benjamin Maerz

Restaurant Maerz & Maerz
May 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Kochwerkstatt Foodfotografie 07 2400px


Christian Cabalier
June 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Foodfotografie Sternekoch ChristianBau 2 2400px 02

Christian Bau

Victor's Fine Dining by Christian Bau
April 2016

KirchgasserPhotography Speisenfotograf Hamburg Foodfotografie 06 2400px

Boathouse Hamburg

Fish & seafood restaurant
September 2016

KirchgasserPhotography ZweiSternekoch KarlHeinzHauser SuellbergHamburg Foodfotografie 01 2400px

Süllberg Hamburg

Gourmet restaurant Seven Seas, Karlheinz Hauser
August 2017

NEU STARTSEITE KirchgasserPhotography Thermomix Kochbuchfotografie Foodfotografie 2400px 127


"Green Spring & Fresh Summer"
"Wild Autumn & Colourful Winter"

KirchgasserPhotography HotelImperialWien GourmetrestaurantOpus Foodfotografie 02 2400px

Restaurant OPUS

Hotel Imperial Vienna
June 2017

KirchgasserPhotography PokeYouHamburg Foodfotografie 07 2400px

Poké You

Healthy Food by Karlheinz Hauser
August 2017

FoodPhotography Foodfotograf Foodfotografie Food KirchgasserPhotography 1

Geniesserei am Markt

Walter Triebl
November 2017

FoodPhotography Vila Joya Foodfotografie KirchgasserPhotography 2

Vila Joya

Dieter Koschina
June 2018

KirchgasserPhotography Dreihaubenkoch HubertWallner Foodfotografie 09 2400px

Seerestaurant Saag Ja

Hubert Wallner
April 2016

KirchgasserPhotography SchlossFuschl Foodfotografie 01 2400px

Schloss Fuschl

Johannes Fuchs
October 2016

KirchgasserPhotography BeefGlory Wien Foodfotografie 02 2400px

Beef & Glory

Steakhouse in Vienna
November 2017

KirchgasserPhotography Vorwerk Thermomix Foodfotografie Kochbuchfotografie 01 2400px


Recipe collection "Woods & Meadows"
July 2016

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