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After all, we are here to shoot photos. And this is where you can keep up-to-date with our current projects. It's worth taking a look every now and then.

New cookbook for three-Michelin-starred chef Christian Bau

When you have the chance to make a cookbook with a three-Michelin-starred chef, then your mood is bound to improve. When the chef in question is none other than Christian Bau, then you can't help but to put your hands on your head in sheer disbelief at your luck. But to show that we also put our hands on the camera, we shot a few making-of photos during the shoot. The cookbook will hit shelves in October - and we'll publish the results on our website then as well.

June 2018

A short making-of from our photo shoot on Portugal's beautiful Algarve coast where Dieter Koschina and Stefan Langmann manned the kitchen at Michelin starred restaurant Vila Joya. There is one word that comes to mind when describing Vila Joya: PARADISE!!!

June 2018
Food photography, architectural photography and portraits for Huber's Boutiquehotel

In June 2018, we not only shot the dishes created by chef Klemens Huber at Huber's Boutiquehotel in the Zillertal Alps, but also took architectural shots of the restaurant and portraits of the Gault&Millau decorated chef. Here are some behind-the-scenes impressions from the food shoot. If you're interested in the portraits created in this session, you are welcome to take a look at our project portfolio in the PEOPLE section of our website.

July 2018
Food photography at Seerestaurant Saag Ja

In July 2018, we shot the new gourmet dishes created by Hubert Wallner, owner of three Gault&Millau toques, at his Seerestaurant Saag Ja at lake Wörthersee. Sous-chef Marco Gatterer and his team prepared two eight course menus for the photo shoot that we realized using two different sets.

July 2018
Hotel Bristol: photo shoot full of Viennese charm

Another sensational shooting day with heaps of Viennese charm at Hotel Bristol.

June 2018
Architectural photography for architect Horst Steiner

Commissioned by architect Horst Steiner, we took a small tour from lake Bodensee to Bavaria in order to take photos of some of his exclusive interior designs.

June 2018
Hotel photography for VILA VITA Pannonia

At the two-day photo shoot in Austria's Burgenland, we took various shots for ads with models, as well as architectural shots of the hotel. What a beautiful place for beautiful photos!

May 2018
Two-Michelin-starred chef Tohru Nakamura at Villa Louise

Ladies & gentlemen! We proudly present Tohru Nakamura, Munich's two-Michelin-starred chef of Werneckhof who delighted guests at Villa Louise in May 2018 with his impressive menu of Japanese inspired European cuisine.

May 2018
Portrait photography, or "when chefs get arrested…"

Christian Bau and Jan Hartwig, two three-Michelin-starred chefs from Germany came together to create a 4-Hands-Dinner at Schloss Berg. Just imagine the powerful symphony of flavors - a true explosion of taste. We took care of the mugshots of the two infamous planters of flavor bombs and - quite voluntarily - also secured the evidence of the culinary fireworks.

May 2018
Star chefs from New York City at Villa Louise

On May 4, 2018, two Americans, Fabian von Hauske Valtierra & Jeremiah Stone, shared the kitchen at Villa Louise. Here is a video of the special day.

April 2018
Michelin-starred chefs from Stockholm at Villa Louise

This time, the Michelin-starred chefs Anton Bjuhr & Jacob Holmström from Restaurant Gastrologik in Stockholm took to the kitchen at Villa Louise. As usual, we were there, too. Here are some of the photos created that day. More pictures can be seen in our food reportage section.

April 2018
Jan Hartwig and Thomas Dorfer share the kitchen at Landhaus Bacher

As part of the Wachau gourmet festival, three-Michelin-starred chef Jan Hartwig created a multi-course menu together with Thomas Dorfer, owner of three Gault&Millau toques, at Landhaus Bacher. Of course, we couldn't miss out on the mandatory after-work selfie with the kitchen team.

March 2018
Food photography with two-Michelin-starred chef Alexandre Couillon

Those who know the Netflix series "Chef's Table" also know the French chef Alexandre Couillon, owner of two Michelin stars. We met the highly sympathetic chef at Villa Louise. The dishes he brought to Villa Louise from his restaurant La Marina on the French island Île de Noirmoutier in the Atlantic Ocean can be seen in our projects. Just click here.

March 2018
Bart De Pooter at Villa Louise

On March 9, 2018, Belgian two-Michelin-starred chef Bart de Pooter of restaurant De Pastorale paid Villa Louise a visit. Here is a video from the day. Those who prefer portraits and food shots created throughout this day, are welcome to follow this link.

March 2018
Baking bread - crusts as crispy as our shots!

When shooting for a recipe book about baking bread, there will certainly be a lot of bread, spicy and sweet pastries on the set - this is what we thought. And this is how it was. The smell of fresh pastries made us work even quicker, because after the shoot we got to sample everything.

February 2018
Photo shoot with two-Michelin-starred chef Christophe Hardiquest from Belgium

This is what it looks like on tape when Christophe Hardiquest, from restaurant Bon Bon, spoils guests at Aachen's Villa Louise with his two-star menu.

January 2018
Product photography for ceramic manufacturers Gmundner Keramik

The manufactory of Gmundner Keramik is all about ceramic products made by hand in Austria. Every piece is unique and simply perfect. Taking shots of the plates you used to eat of as a kid is a special experience. In total, we shot about 2500 products from Gmundner Keramik, including bowls, cups, milk jugs, water jars, vases and even egg cups. What a beautiful product photography job.

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